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Fun Side
Find the flying Swiss man, Mister Yves Rossy jumping from an Airplaine with deployable Rigid Wings & 2 micro jets:
Yves crossed the  Manche in the Atlantic from France to England.
Must See Videos
a Fellow Researcher Ian Wright from the Silicone Valley USA  & his Electric Car that beats all the muscle cars:
             Click on Picture to Start the Video in Windows Media Player.

NanoLube by StClaire Ian Wright Wright Speed Video
The X1 prototype is just the beginning. It meets its design specs of 0-60 in 3 seconds, 170 mpg equivalent; and at 1536 lbs, is only 36 lbs over the design target of 1500.
It really does raise the performance driving experience to a new level, even for racing drivers. No clutch, no shifting, precise and immediate control of torque in drive and braking, perfect traction control…first gear takes you to 112mph…

In recent track testing, on street tires, it achieved the following performance:
           0-30 mph: 1.35 sec
           0-60 mph: 3.07 sec in 117 ft
           0-100 mph: 6.87 sec
           0-100-0 mph 11.2 sec
           Lateral g: 1.3    Braking g: 1.2
Yves Rossy
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